My First Post

By Jake Meinershagen

Well, here I am. Once again. Building another website for myself. This time I am trying Pelican.

What is Pelican?

I'm so glad you didn't ask. Pelican is a static site generator. A static site generator is basically a program that can take Markdown and turn it into a website with only a few commands. Really cool!

I first learned about static site generators about a year ago, and have been curious to try them out since. I'm also thinking about trying my hand at building my own. However, I think it's a good idea to at least try playing around with one first. Really, if I do a good job in the event I do build my own, it shouldn't really be noticable on the website side of things. Ideally... Well, time shall tell.

I am using the Quickstart Tutorial as I am writing this. I like it, very straight forward.

Hopefully I'll be back soon,
Jake Meinershagen